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Our Philosophy

1. Creative design

We believe art and science should be creative, engaging and fun.

2. Positive impact

We are proud to support world's biodiversity, through every product sold.

3. Spread awareness

We believe the more people know about the world’s creatures, plants and ecosystems, the more they will protect them for future generations.

4. Sustainability

We strive for sustainable materials and a green production process.

Kyle Cody - Illustrator

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Kyle is an award winning visual effects artist, living in New York City with his wife Jolene and their two 2 creature loving kids. His inspiration for his work comes from his daughter's passion for animal non-fiction, and the many (many!) hours he spends with her reading and studying her favorite animals.

Jolene Cody - Art Director

Born and raised on the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago, Jolene is no stranger to color and nature. Graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design with her B.F.A. in Photography and training at the Shillington School of Design in New York City, she not only has a trained eye beautiful imagery but also design aesthetics.